Saturday, September 29, 2012


Paul writes in Philippians 4:12:

"I learned to be content in that in which I am. I am aware what it is to be humbled as well as aware what it is to be superabounding. In everything and among all am I initiated, to be satisfied as well as to be hungering, to be super-abounding as well as to be in want. For all am I strong in Him Who is invigorating me, Christ!"

We are trying hard here in New York to be humbled, hungering and in want (suffering for the evangel carries such rich future blessing), but it's not working too well. Future blessing is temporarily deferred, I guess, as we luxuriate in our God-appointed digs. Lenny Pappano rented a home for the speakers and their entourage at a lakeside vacation home, so here we are this morning, fellowshipping before a full day of fellowship.

Unfortunately, my wife Rebecca could not make this trip, and she is missed by everyone.

We miss you, Rebecca!

I needed last night at the conference site; it is so great to see the saints. Dan, Clyde and I each gave introductory remarks, but for 90 minutes afterward, all present contributed. The site is rustic and so first-century. The "round-table" discussion went on later and later; no one cared for the time. Several people remarked how badly they needed this this time together. I will take photos of the site and post them tomorrow morning, God willing. In the meantime, here is a photographic log of "the suffering nine."

My sister Kelly.
(Click on photos to enlarge.)
Clyde Pilkington III.
Making the best of things.

Suffering evil for the evangel is such a drag.

Dan Sheridan is in fine fettle this morning.
Wish Lenny had gotten us a better view of Lake Cayuga.
Kelly and Clyde III. And is that Moses?
Not exactly a day and night in the swamp.
Andre Sneidar, Clyde Jr.'s editor, publisher, and friend.
It rained all day yesterday, but today we see the sun.
Clyde Pilkington. 
Aaron Locker spruces up for the day.
Nathan Pilkington with his lover.
Early-morning sun.
Kelly and Clyde's wife, Janet.
What a privilege to work with my brother Clyde.